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Frequently asked questions

How do I get my work to you?
How can I pay?
How do you charge?
How do you guarantee confidentiality?
What measures are in place to ensure the documents have no viruses?

1. How do I get my work to you?

Dropbox –
You are able to download Dropbox for free and install in on your computer. Files can then be shared between your computer and mine. All transmission of file data occurs over an encrypted channel (SSL). All files stored on Dropbox are encrypted (AES-256). Whatever you ‘drag and drop’ from your computer into our the folder on your desktop I will have access to. As soon as I make changes you will then be able to see the document on your desktop – no sending of emails is required. This can be used to allow me access to your standard letter templates, etc.

Dictaphone – Digital Dictaphones are available from various outlets including Amazon. You then simply dictate onto the machine and either let me collect (local service) the SD card from you to download directly onto my computer, or download the dictation onto your desktop and send it to me via email/Dropbox.

Dictate from PC – Dictating from your computer is simple and effective, just download the Express Dictate Digital Dictation Software which allows you to dictate from your PC or Mac and email it direct to me. The software is free to download.

Dictating from a Smartphone – It is now possible to use mobile phones to record and send files direct to Online Secretarial Solutions. We recommend the following apps:

  • iPhone – A version of the Express Dictate software for PC mentioned above is also available for the iPhone for free. Download Pocket Dictate for your iPhone from the iTunes app store. Another application which is quick and easy to install called Dicatmus - you can buy from iTunes App Store for a one-off payment of £5.99 with free upgrades. A limited version is also available as a free trial. All you need to do is install this application on your phone which will then turn your phone into a digital recorder. The iPhone also comes with an app called Voice Memos as standard – this offers a facility for emailing simple voice recordings.

  • Blackberry – Frisbee Smart is an application which can be installed onto Blackberry, iPhone or Windows phones.

  • HTC – The voice recorder on your HTC phone is very simple to use – simply tap on Voice Recorder in your list of applications which come pre-loaded onto the phone, record and then email me the .amr file for me to type!

Email – As well as sound files you can email your templates, dictation, documents or scanned ‘marked up’ documents directly to me.

Local Collection – Clients who are local can have work collected/delivered for a small charge.

2. How can I pay?

Payment can be made via Bank transfer, Paypal or cheque. Online Secretarial Solutions is not currently VAT registered.

Invoices will be generated once the job has been completed and payment is due within 30 days.

For larger jobs or retainer packages an upfront fee may be requested.

3. How do you charge?

Clients are charged per hour with the minimum interval being 15 minutes.

Basic rate is £20 per hour for audio typing and £17 per hour for copy typing.

We can also offer a 'PA for the day' service and come to your office for the day to organise, file and type for you. Do you have an important client coming to visit or have you allowed your filing to become a mountain? Do you need all of your files organised on your computer? Day is based on 7 hours (flexible times) and start from £120 (including travelling).

4. How do you guarantee confidentiality?

We fully comply with the Data Protection Act and are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if you require this.

5. What measures are in place to ensure the documents have no viruses?

We use the latest up-to-date Norton Security software.